of guppy lips and other news

Sorry, Jess, but these illustrate my point perfectly.

guppy lips

You Galena Park girls might want to pay special attention to this one.

Walter and Lurlene Sue arrived at the campground about twenty minutes after all the work was done. I’d be willing to bet that they hunker down in the trees and watch . . . → Read More: of guppy lips and other news

wi-fi hotspot

Verizon 4G mobile hotspot

With Ain’t Leo retiring on the 28th, we have been cutting back on bills. We ditched the smart phones, but wanted to stay connected when we’re camping. We solved the problem by adding this little jewel. It is battery powered and can be charged with a car or wall charger. . . . → Read More: wi-fi hotspot

Zinger update

We were told that the Zinger would be ready on Monday, but Ain’t Leo found a few small boo-boos that she wanted fixed. It should be ready tomorrow. Then a quick ┬ácheckout at SFA State Park to make sure everything else is good before we go to Livingston for Thanksgiving.

got checklists?

I am a big believer in checklists. Part of it has to do with my military training, but an even larger part has to do with my roaring descent into old age. I often suffer from “old timer’s disease” or “CRS.” Now a more immediate need for the checklist is to wrangle with the insurance . . . → Read More: got checklists?

from days gone by

Nothing major going on today. So I thought I’d share a few camping pictures from days gone by.

These were taken at Lake Somerville with the old pop-up.



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