bug off bag

RV Bug Off Bag

RV Bug Off Bag

In bushcraft and survival circles you frequently encounter references to bug out bags and bug in bags. Gary and I recently added our own term for camping: Bug Off Bag.

Our past week was filled with rain and hordes of mosquitoes. The blood-suckers were what made us build our bug . . . → Read More: bug off bag

2011 crossroads zinger 23fb

OK, folks. It’s official. Due to health issues, Ain’t Leo and I have downsized. That being said, our basecamp is up for sale. It has been tenderly maintained and is ready for a new family.

While not a true lightweight travel trailer, it is light enough that we tow it with a Ford F-150. Many of . . . → Read More: 2011 crossroads zinger 23fb

new r-pod 182g

We just got back from Albuquerque, NM. We have decided to downsize our RV and have been looking at smaller rigs. We used to own an r-Pod 171 by Forest River and were intrigued by the 182G. We really liked the Hood River Edition, but it was not available east of New Mexico.

As luck . . . → Read More: new r-pod 182g

dreaming of margaritaville

We are always searching for those products that we positively, absolutely must have for our RV. You know, like tires, dishes, cookware, clothes, etc. Now we’ve found one that should make us the hit of the potluck circuit. Not that my dutch oven wizardry doesn’t usually work, but this is sure to cause a buzz. . . . → Read More: dreaming of margaritaville

rv – stromberg trailer tray

Stromberg Trailer Tray

I found this little jewel in an RV Industry press release. Looks like a pretty good idea if you’re able to handle the extra hitch weight.


TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — Stromberg Carlson introduced its new Trailer Tray product at a series of trade shows during the past two weeks.

“We . . . → Read More: rv – stromberg trailer tray


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