ka-bar becker BK-13 knife revisited

I reviewed the Becker Remora in June. It’s seen some pretty heavy usage since then and I thought I’d update you on my thoughts about this tiny blade.

First, as an everyday carry knife, it performed admirably. The hollow ground blade held it’s edge very well. I used it to open packages, scrape paint, as . . . → Read More: ka-bar becker BK-13 knife revisited

review: keurig mini coffee brewer

I wrote about this particular gadget in one of my other blogs. Since I’ve been using it in the RV I thought I’d share it with this group.You can read the whole review and why I chose it at Jot and Jitter.

Space is a premium commodity in most RVs, but even more so in . . . → Read More: review: keurig mini coffee brewer

review: pedernales falls state park

We’ve been home for more than a week and I’m just now catching up enough to give you a quick overview of the park. Lil Harry and I loved it so much that we are taking Ain’t Leo to the park in two weeks. Work conflicts kept her from making the last trip, but after . . . → Read More: review: pedernales falls state park

review: java junkie quick fix

I stopped at a downtown Starbuck’s to get enough energy to get home. While waiting for my order I noticed the VIA instant coffees and was curious. My pop was a dedicated Folger’s instant coffee drinker, but I always thought it tasted like some kind of kid’s cereal. Nasty stuff.

I asked the barista (coffee . . . → Read More: review: java junkie quick fix

forest river r-pod 171

We finally retired our Casita Liberty after long and faithful service, but we still had to have a home away from home.

I spotted the R-Pod on the way to call on a customer and had to do an immediate U-turn to have a look. It was love at first sight. Forest River offers . . . → Read More: forest river r-pod 171


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