followup: bucklite MAX

I finally had a chance to put the BuckLite MAX small hunting knife through its paces and I have to say it lived up to my expectations for a Buck product.

I used the BuckLite as I would any other knife in the outdoors. My tests are geared more to usability than some of the . . . → Read More: followup: bucklite MAX

first impression: bucklite MAX small hunting knife

This is my first impression of the Bucklite MAX small hunting knife. It is a reasonably priced piece of steel that shows the hallmarks of Buck quality. I paid $18.97 at Academy and felt it was a small price to pay to take this unit for a test ride. Most outdoors folk have owned . . . → Read More: first impression: bucklite MAX small hunting knife

a real man’s glove

Though it pains me to admit it, my buddy Walter may have finally gotten one right. If so, it will be a new world’s record for him – one in a row.

Yesterday I pulled into the headquarters of the World Problem Solution Society at its undisclosed location in Texas. Walter met me at the . . . → Read More: a real man’s glove

review: grab and go pouch

As promised in my last post, here is a little about the grab and go pouch that I keep in the truck. This handy bit of kit is ideal if I stumble upon a trail while out driving around. It, along with my canteen, meets most of my basic needs.

I use a NiteIze . . . → Read More: review: grab and go pouch

review: rothco map case as day bag

My buddy John, from Ft. Smith, sent me a new bag for day hikes. He’d seen the Timbuk2 small that I usually carry and thought I could use something that would hold all my gear and look a little more “bushcrafty.” Here’s the bag. I added the patches to it as soon as it arrived.

. . . → Read More: review: rothco map case as day bag


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