project: tacticool facelift

The surest way to get a premium price for a tool is to paint it black and attach the word “tactical” to it in some way or another. Examples: Tactical keychain. Personal tactical assistant app. Tactical lawn chair. It’s become so overused that many savvy outdoorsmen refer to it as tacticool.

One solid exception to . . . → Read More: project: tacticool facelift

project: backpacking grill

I watched a YouTube video posted by a fellow called Snakedoctor from the BushcraftUSA forums. The guy is a whiz with a TIG welder and made a really nice pocket grill for backpacking. Since I weld about as well as I fly, I decided to make my grill using the scrounge method of gear making.

. . . → Read More: project: backpacking grill

project: dutch oven cooking stations

I attended a Dutch oven cooking demonstration hosted by the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society. I was so impressed with their ingenious cooking stations made out of re-bar and plow discs that I ordered a couple. The ovens sit about waist high so it’s easier to check the goodies while you’re cooking. They are set up on . . . → Read More: project: dutch oven cooking stations

testing new av plugins

I’m testing some AV plug-ins so that I can include some pics and videos for you.

Just as a note, this post previously had a slideshow hosted by Cincopa. Their free service has very little disk space and precious little bandwidth allowance. After a few people looked at the slides they started emailing that Cincopa . . . → Read More: testing new av plugins


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