in rehab

Not me!

Gary and I are in the process of building out my truck as a camping vehicle. The first step was to have a cooler sufficient for a week’s worth of food and adult beverages. I knew that I had an old Igloo 120 qt cooler in the attic, but I had not looked . . . → Read More: in rehab

big bowie update

Our friend Lee Yorns found this big homemade Bowie in her yard after she moved into her new home. It was in pretty sad shape when she gave it to me, but a little TLC had brought it back from the dead.

Just to give you an idea of the size of this . . . → Read More: big bowie update

project: two new knives

Here are a couple of knives that I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks. You can see that the poor Scandi blade suffered from my allergy eyes reaction. Since my eyes were swollen shut for a few days, I should have left it alone. I’ll probably keep it for a hiking blade. It’s . . . → Read More: project: two new knives

salvaged firesteel


Several years ago I was given a BlastMatch firestarter to review. It’s a good idea and is designed for one-handed operation. That’s a real plus if you are injured, but the actual operation ran counter to my technique for using these things. Additionally, I had trouble getting it to open reliably one-handed. Since . . . → Read More: salvaged firesteel

bambi’s loss is our gain

My buddy Dan came through for me again. His brother owns an exotic game ranch, so he thought I could use some antlers for making knife handles. He brought back a dozen Axis sheds for me to start with and said he would get more when he goes back next month. The picture is . . . → Read More: bambi’s loss is our gain


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