dayhike 101

Day hikes can be as simple as a stroll through a local park or as complicated as a geocaching race. Regardless of the nature of your hike, a little planning and preparation will make the trip much more enjoyable.

Checklists are a great way to determine what you need to carry for a given hike. . . . → Read More: dayhike 101

sfa state park

I arrived at Stephen F Austin State Park at about 1030 on Thursday of last week (05/10/12). My buddy Ron was supposed to meet me there to help me set up camp, but he was fashionably late – which means that when he arrived at 1230 I’d already set up the travel trailer, erected the . . . → Read More: sfa state park

Donut tree

On the way home from the funeral, Ain’t Leo wanted to stop by Stephen F Austin State Park. It’s been years since she’s been there, but I’m always telling her about it because Lil Harry and I camp and hike there pretty often. Her biggest question: What’s a donut tree?

The last time Lil Harry . . . → Read More: Donut tree

after action report

If you’ve ever spent time in the military you know about after action reports. It’s when you do a post-mortem of your operation. I was thinking about our trip to the Brazos yesterday, what we did and what we could have done.

Item 1: I didn’t have my spork in my day bag. Consequences: I . . . → Read More: after action report


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