yak’s blue moon shredded beast

I spent considerable time on the phone with the Revered Garwood Baker-Hughes this past Friday. We spoke of peppers, tomatoes, collards and wood butchery. We got into the subjects of dogs, people, camping and, of course, cooking and eating. In the process we broke out our favorite adult beverages and toasted especially grand ideas by . . . → Read More: yak’s blue moon shredded beast

root beer pulled pork

A neighbor stopped by to discuss Dutch oven cooking. He recently bought a new D.O., seasoned it and now wanted to get a few tips about cooking in it.

You know how I am. It doesn’t take much for me drop everything and fire up the charcoal. For instructional purposes, we chose root beer pulled . . . → Read More: root beer pulled pork

new addition to the website

I did it. I finally got the recipes section working the way I want it.

From now on I’ll be posting recipe notices in the regular blog, but the recipe will link to the Black Iron Goodness tab at the top of the page. I have hundreds of recipes that I’ve tried over the years . . . → Read More: new addition to the website

black iron brunch

I just bought a new cooking table for my black iron. It’s still a little short for my taste, but it’s better than squatting on the ground. I can still get down to the coals on the ground; it’s getting back up that is an adventure. Hence: another piece of gear to load in the . . . → Read More: black iron brunch

lurlene sue’s honey corn cakes

Ain’t Leo hates it when I come up here to Headquarters without her supervision. She feels this place does not foster my sense of independence and invincibility. I tell her that everyone here treats me as a respected tribal elder. She says they treat me like an invalid and that I eat it up. . . . → Read More: lurlene sue’s honey corn cakes


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