bat squirrel

We’ve been invaded by a new species. We now have a bat squirrel hanging from a tree in my front yard. Ain’t Leo is a little put out with her because she just filled the bird feeder and bat squirrel showed up as soon as she came back into the house.

It doesn’t matter what . . . → Read More: bat squirrel

walter and me cover art


We just returned from visiting family in Albuquerque, NM. ONE of the highlights of the trip was having our nephew, Kirk Allen, gift us with the cover art for my new book – Walter and Me: Lies, Damned Lies and Other Untruths. Kirk is a very talented illustrator and included a few other pieces . . . → Read More: walter and me cover art

bits and pieces of updates

As many of you know,  we’ve been working through Ain’t Leo’s recovery from surgery. That’s kept me from making regular updates.

I made a peach cobbler for her while she was on the mend. While tending to it, I fired up a mini-Swedish candle to see how it worked. Here are the before and after . . . → Read More: bits and pieces of updates

happy 4th of july

All of us at HQ of the World Problem Solution Society and Coffee Klatch wish each of you a proud and happy Independence Day. Each of us has made a contribution in some small way: Walter – 173rd Airborne; Lurlene Sue – Donut Dollie; YakDriver – MACV & 5th SFGA; Trooper Shiny – 82nd Airborne – . . . → Read More: happy 4th of july

readings from the road

I dug through the journal in the truck last night and culled these highway witticisms for you. I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.

Vegetarian – Ancient word for lousy hunter. I don’t eat anything with a face. Trees don’t grow on money either. Maybe if we ignore it the enviroment will . . . → Read More: readings from the road


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