f-150 modifications

This past Saturday I was on my way home from my Bible study class when a lady was struck by the need for some fast food. She made a left turn across three lanes of traffic on FM1960. She made it two and a half lanes when she realized her mistake. I also realized her . . . → Read More: f-150 modifications

nekkid and skeered

I just watched two episodes of Naked and Afraid. Two questions came to mind: 1) where do you buy those nifty blurry looking aprons that everyone wears and 2) why is the BlastMatch fire starter so popular?

The first question is not so important because it’s just a matter of style points. I’d like . . . → Read More: nekkid and skeered

puppies, drunks and introspection

Ain’t Leo and I got home late last night. We are participating in a retreat at church and it is a whole hog, stay up late, get intense sort of affair. We are surrounded by really wonderful people and are fed groceries that would make Lurlene Sue green with envy. And that’s the really good . . . → Read More: puppies, drunks and introspection

season’s greetings

We had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a busy New Year.

Since some people seem offended when I wish them a Merry Christmas (because that is the event that I celebrate), I want to wish all of my readers a very Merry Christmahannukwanzika! I hope that takes care of everyone. If not, . . . → Read More: season’s greetings

yakdriver’s gone awol

I was checking my stats this morning and saw that my visitors are way down. It could have something to do with not posting since early October. Or not, but I’m back.

Life has an interesting way of intruding on our best laid plans. I have a backlog of RV tips, campfire tricks, Walter stories . . . → Read More: yakdriver’s gone awol


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