village creek sp with gary and becky

Ain’t Leo wanted to get in one more camping trip before going into the hospital next week. While I was cogitating on where to go, I received a call from Gary wanting to know if we wanted to meet them at Village Creek State Park on Friday. Woo hoo! A chance to go camping and . . . → Read More: village creek sp with gary and becky

new camp table from camping world

I wanted to add a little flexibility to my outdoor cooking while saving my ancient back a little grief. I bought this table at Camping World recently and tried it out on a trip to Ft. Parker State Park. Setting it up in this configuration gave me a nice prep area plus access to the . . . → Read More: new camp table from camping world

atlanta state park

I noticed that I had several draft posts in the hopper that were never finished due to all the medical issues in our household. This seems like a good time to push them on through the system.


We have been planning on visiting Atlanta State Park for several months. During a visit . . . → Read More: atlanta state park

emergency rooms and other things

We are home now and settling in after the last camping trip. Due to our latest adventure, we’ve been making doctor appointments and gathering out of town medical records.

We went to Village Creek State Park to meet up with our favorite campers, Gary and Becky. We sat around Saturday and cooked up some tasty . . . → Read More: emergency rooms and other things

first teetering steps into retirement

We are slowly slipping Ain’t Leo into the realm of retirement. Funny thing is that she is not fighting it too much.

We went to Huntsville State Park for a week. Two days before we were scheduled to leave, she decided that she really hated the thought of going home. My cure to her blues? . . . → Read More: first teetering steps into retirement


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