bug off bag

RV Bug Off Bag

RV Bug Off Bag

In bushcraft and survival circles you frequently encounter references to bug out bags and bug in bags. Gary and I recently added our own term for camping: Bug Off Bag.

Our past week was filled with rain and hordes of mosquitoes. The blood-suckers were what made us build our bug . . . → Read More: bug off bag

chigger chewed at boykin springs


I left the homestead at oh dark thirty to pick up my buddy Gary for a week-long trip to Boykin Springs near Zavalla, TX. After dodging B-52 sized mosquitoes and semi sized alligators, I finally made it to his home in a swamp ridden undisclosed location in southeast Texas. We did a quick loadout of . . . → Read More: chigger chewed at boykin springs

truck camping checklist

A friend at church told me she wants to get back into the outdoor life and said she would like to pick my brain about camping. She said she has inherited a good deal of equipment, but hasn’t used any of it yet.

I thought about our conversation this afternoon and felt the first order . . . → Read More: truck camping checklist

redneck retreat

Gary and I decided that we would get back to basics and do a little “roughing it.” Since we were both out of practice, it’s taken us a couple of trips to work the kinks out and get our system down pat again.

Neither of us are able to hoist the packs and put miles . . . → Read More: redneck retreat

wolf waffles and other things

The sun is just peeking over the treeline here at HQ of the World Problem Solution Society and Coffee Klatch at our undisclosed location in Texas and a light fog is clinging to the surface of our water feature – //aka// the stock tank. Mornings like this make you believe that God blessed Texas with . . . → Read More: wolf waffles and other things


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