day hike with lil harry

A small front blew through today. A stiff wind out of the south and cooler temperature was all we needed to put down the garden tools and drive to Stephen F Austin State Park for a short walk. You know you’re nuts when you drive 48 miles to walk five. But it’s what we did.

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project: backpacking grill

I watched a YouTube video posted by a fellow called Snakedoctor from the BushcraftUSA forums. The guy is a whiz with a TIG welder and made a really nice pocket grill for backpacking. Since I weld about as well as I fly, I decided to make my grill using the scrounge method of gear making.

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hatful of ash

Hatful of ash shavings

Please forgive me for saying this, I know your hat should be full of head, but in this case it is full of ash (the wood, that is).

One of my bushcraft buds challenged me to make hatful of shavings for tinder. The contest was to see who could fill . . . → Read More: hatful of ash

ragnar rocks!

I don’t know how many of you have visited Ragnar’s site (Ragweed Forge), but this guy rocks!

I placed an order with him for three Mora knives. I’ve had trouble with everyone being backordered and was tired of waiting weeks just to be told that the units were still on order. A bushcraft buddy told . . . → Read More: ragnar rocks!

tung oil wood finish

Last week Lil Harry and I stopped by HQ at the World Problem Solution Society and Coffee Klatch at an undisclosed location in Texas. I’d just finished putting a handle on a new Scandi blade and wanted to see if Walter would put the tung oil finish on it for me since I had a . . . → Read More: tung oil wood finish


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