nekkid and skeered

I just watched two episodes of Naked and Afraid. Two questions came to mind: 1) where do you buy those nifty blurry looking aprons that everyone wears and 2) why is the BlastMatch fire starter so popular?

The first question is not so important because it’s just a matter of style points. I’d like . . . → Read More: nekkid and skeered

preview: emberlit stove

With everything going on after the theft and recovery of our travel trailer, I haven’t had much time for writing. I was digging around through some of my gear and pulled out my Emberlit stove to preview. I’ll be following up at the end of August with a detailed review.

The following blurb . . . → Read More: preview: emberlit stove

feather sticks from graham berry

Found a nice video done by Graham Berry of GrayBear and he was kind enough to share it with us. He shows a deft hand in producing feather sticks – a basic bushcraft skill that should be mastered by all outdoors folk.

Hope you enjoyed the video and will stop by his blog for . . . → Read More: feather sticks from graham berry

salvaged firesteel


Several years ago I was given a BlastMatch firestarter to review. It’s a good idea and is designed for one-handed operation. That’s a real plus if you are injured, but the actual operation ran counter to my technique for using these things. Additionally, I had trouble getting it to open reliably one-handed. Since . . . → Read More: salvaged firesteel

firewire–not just for computers

Most of you geeksters will recognize firewire as a faster alternative to USB connections. Now I’ve got a firewire connection for all of you campers, bushcrafters, cooks and BBQ junkies.

My neighbors, Dan and Melba, know how much I love cooking in the backyard, so they gave me a really great BBQ cookbook and these . . . → Read More: firewire–not just for computers


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