bug off bag

RV Bug Off Bag

RV Bug Off Bag

In bushcraft and survival circles you frequently encounter references to bug out bags and bug in bags. Gary and I recently added our own term for camping: Bug Off Bag.

Our past week was filled with rain and hordes of mosquitoes. The blood-suckers were what made us build our bug off bag.

Top row

  • Raid Yard Guard
  • Repel
  • Hot Shot
  • Cutter Backyard
  • Off
  • Bug Zapper
  • Repel
  • Generic 23% DEET

Middle row

  • ThermaCell
  • Fly traps
  • Octenol attractant for Alpha mosquito trap (not shown)
  • ThermaCell refills
  • Fly traps
  • Octenol attractants

Bottom row

  • Zippered mesh storage bag

We used generous applications of all of the products so that the mosquitoes would not build up a tolerance while we were there. We shouldn’t have worried because they were already immune. Nothing stopped them, so I guess it’s back to the drawing board.

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