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CoffeeDrinkeraI did it. I finally got the recipes section working the way I want it.

From now on I’ll be posting recipe notices in the regular blog, but the recipe will link  to the Black Iron Goodness tab at the top of the page. I have hundreds of recipes that I’ve tried over the years and will be saving them here. Still a bunch of typing and data entry ahead of me.

If any of you would like to share your favorite recipes for us to cook and review, please send me a message. Meanwhile, I am working on a system that will let you add your favorites right to the site. I will still have to review them before they go live, but you’ll get your name or handle in the credit line at the bottom of the page. How’s that for being semi-pseudo-famous?

One other project in the works is the Diabetic Dutch Oven book. I’d appreciate any suggestions you may have. With emails and calls I’m getting right now I may not be able to answer all of you, but be assured I will read them and give them careful consideration.

I am focusing on healthy eating in the great outdoors. No, Gary, that does not include the two of us eating an entire pot roast at one sitting like we did the last time we were out. However, we can still go for quantity if the crowd is big enough.

One another note, our local Dutch oven cooking group seems to be dwindling. I hope I’ll be able to find enough folk locally to revive it. We used to have some really large times. I hate to think I have to drive all the way to the Beaumont area just to cook with other like minded souls.

If there are any hungry souls in the Martin Creek State Park area in mid-June, stop by to see us. After that we will be at Purtis Creek State Park. And a note to Paul, sorry we missed you at Fairfield Lake. That is an awesome park and we’ve had some really good times there — except for the feral hog problem. Lil Harry nearly got us in trouble when he thought he could take on a full grown boar.

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  • Paul

    Harry, we’ll get our camping trips coordinated eventually and get a chance to camp and visit together. I miss you and Ain’t Leo.

    No hogs with me and Brewster at Fairfield, just some hoodlums and their parents that partied until late in the night. It didn’t bother me much but it did keep Brewster on guard and kept setting off his woofer. Thankfully not full bore barks but more of a pre-bark woofing. You know, enough to wake a man from a nice sound sleep.

    • We’d love to see you again.

      I know about the “sub-woof.” We call Lil Harry’s his inside voice. Unfortunately Chaz the deerhound only has one voice. We are hoping that Lil Harry can teach him to whisper.

      Congrats on being an Ironman. You’re looking really good. Making me have to get back in the gym to lose my hard-won gut.

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