f-150 modifications

This past Saturday I was on my way home from my Bible study class when a lady was struck by the need for some fast food. She made a left turn across three lanes of traffic on FM1960. She made it two and a half lanes when she realized her mistake. I also realized her mistake.

Loud crash, breaking glass and air bag deployment! Then a full custom job on my truck! Most guys lift their trucks. I shortened mine.

Here are a few shots of the finished product. The real downside is I’d just spent a ton on full brake job, new Rancho shocks all around and a new camper shell with kayak racks. And then — BOOM!! All gone.







A few cuts, scrapes and bruises, but I’m OK. Now I’m waiting on the insurance company so that I can start all over on a new truck. It’s kinda like Iraq — just one Saddam thing after another.

Wishing you all a happy day.







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  • Kevin & Mandy

    WOW that is crazy. Gotta Love those Houston drivers. I know the bond between a guy and his truck…. got a pretty strong one with my F150. But they can be replaced. You can’t. Thank God that you were virtually unharmed. And by the way to all you who own “the other trucks” you all know what I mean…. Nothing takes care of it’s owner like a FORD. Wouldn’t own any other truck. Hope you found you a good one.

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