black iron brunch

Campfire_thumb.jpgI just bought a new cooking table for my black iron. It’s still a little short for my taste, but it’s better than squatting on the ground. I can still get down to the coals on the ground; it’s getting back up that is an adventure. Hence: another piece of gear to load in the truck. Thank God for air assist shocks.

I set it up in the folded configuration on my back porch cooking station so that it would be closer to waist height.  The front handle is perfect for holding my tongs and a lid lifter (in this case a pair of ChannelLock pliers).

Since Ain’t Leo was busy with house cleaning chores, I decided that I would treat her to a black iron brunch. The brunch consisted of bacon cinnamon rolls and a pound of bacon on the side for me and the pups. You just can’t go wrong when you select from the bacon food group.


The first order of business is to get the coals ready for the Dutch oven.  A nice ring for the bottom, then scoot the coals over to the other side for the black iron skillet. Don’t forget to leave a few coals in the chimney so that you have a second batch ready to keep your oven and skillet temperatures steady.


Add coals to the top so that the oven can preheat to 375 degrees.


Now for the fun stuff! Unroll a can of refrigerated cinnamon rolls. (I’m cheating here because I wanted to get things done quickly. Usually this step is made from scratch.) Place a strip of half-cooked bacon on each section of dough. Roll them back up into cinnamon roll form and then check the temp of your oven.


Drop them into the oven. Five of the “grands” size rolls fit just right in a 10 inch Dutch oven.


While the rolls are baking, continue with the pound of bacon in the cast iron skillet. Be sure to forward this post to your cardiologist. He’s gonna love this! By the time you finish this brunch, you will be able to hear your arteries crackle when you bend your arm to drink your coffee.


This is a shot of the cooking station I’m using. As with all my cooking gear, it’s all Lodge all the time. They make the best cooking goodies around.

The pups and I were so hungry when we finished that I didn’t take the time to photograph the finished product. Needless to say, it was good! The four of us devoured every crumb.

Hope to see some of you out in the woods this summer. Stop by for some black iron treats.

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