puppies, drunks and introspection

Illustration+of+a+white+crossAin’t Leo and I got home late last night. We are participating in a retreat at church and it is a whole hog, stay up late, get intense sort of affair. We are surrounded by really wonderful people and are fed groceries that would make Lurlene Sue green with envy. And that’s the really good part.

The not so good part came after we got home.

The retreat leaders covered so much material that required introspection that my poor head shifted into hyperdrive. Even though I knew that I had to  be up at zero dark thirty for the next session, my brain would not shut down. It clicked, whirred and ground until around 0230. Just as I snuggled down into the covers to get some rest, the neighbors let their Bacchanalia run over into the street. The shouting and screaming woke the dogs and they joined in the ruckus. An hour later they began to wind down just before I dialed Po Po Central.

Once again — off to the pillow.

Now Lil Harry decides it’s time for him snore. As little as he is, I  suspect that he has an amplifier in his nose. Not to  be outdone, Chaz starts to dream of chasing deer through the woodlands. Four paws running along my ribs.

Time to get up again. Looks like I have enough time for a couple of cups of coffee before hitting the shower for an early morning session at church. I’m praying that the Lord will snatch me up by the ear and keep me upright until time to come home tonight.

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