yakdriver’s gone awol

I was checking my stats this morning and saw that my visitors are way down. It could have something to do with not posting since early October. Or not, but I’m back.

Life has an interesting way of intruding on our best laid plans. I have a backlog of RV tips, campfire tricks, Walter stories and trip reviews, but they have taken a backseat to all of the activities around the homestead. We have been summoned to countless visits with the docs at VES to get their assessments on my VA disability claim. In addition, I’ve been poked, prodded and dissected by top neurologists who have told me what I already know. Now I’m done – and I mean REALLY done.

For you veterans who have been fighting the system, I have to announce that I am well and truly fortunate. I received a decision after only 19 months. This is a really fast turnaround that is due, in part, to being a Vietnam Vet with diabetes and cancer. Both conditions are considered presumed to be a direct result of Agent Orange exposure. The rest of the problems have been secondary to the above conditions. So, if you are fighting the system – keep pestering them. And get a strong advocate.

I had a case officer from the Disabled American Veterans group represent me. She walked me through the application process and made sure that I had everything that the VA would ask for. We headed off many of the “lost papers” issues. In addition, all correspondence was routed through my case officer. Periodic meeting with the case officer let me know where my claim was in the pipeline. Now Ain’t Leo and I are helping two other veteran families with long standing claims.

All of this is my typically long winded way of saying, more posts are coming soon. I’ve missed comments from you guys and my Facebook friends. I hope to be more of a presence now.

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