bat squirrel

batsquirrelWe’ve been invaded by a new species. We now have a bat squirrel hanging from a tree in my front yard. Ain’t Leo is a little put out with her because she just filled the bird feeder and bat squirrel showed up as soon as she came back into the house.

It doesn’t matter what you do, those pesky critters will overcome all obstacles to get to the groceries. But I have to admit, they are fun to watch.

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  • Kevin & Mandy

    Hey Harry
    If you still have your lil friends there…we have a lil bulldog that we would loan you… he
    ( Casey ) hates squirrels as much as we all do. Especially the ones that bring over our neighbors corn that they feed them… into our yard, and sit behind our garden fence and throw the kernels at him on the other side. drives him nuts…. and we got to watch as one lost its footing and fell to the ground…. Casey sprang into action like he was shot from a gun…. and although he didn’t actually catch it…that squirrel will think again before he lands on the ground in our yard again. You could almost feel the fear in that squirrel.

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