wolf waffles and other things

dad_relaxing_in_a_hammock_on_fathers_day_0515-1005-1302-0828_SMUThe sun is just peeking over the treeline here at HQ of the World Problem Solution Society and Coffee Klatch at our undisclosed location in Texas and a light fog is clinging to the surface of our water feature – //aka// the stock tank. Mornings like this make you believe that God blessed Texas with His own hand.

Through the window I can see Walter stirring the coals to get his world infamous cowboy coffee ready to boil. Rufus is curled up next to his chair and things appear to be right with their world. As for me, not so much. It was a little crowded in my bunk last night with Lil Harry and Chaz trying to hog the covers. That left me a little stiff and out of sorts this morning. When Walter barged in this morning, I told him that I wanted to finish this dispatch before we left on our “boys weekend.”

Walter called me earlier in the week to say that he wanted to run over to Fairfield Lake to do a little fishing and that we might as well camp there for a few days as Lurlene Sue has gone back to Pluck to visit family for a few days. He said he was feeling the need to snag a few bugle lip bass and maybe some stripers.

Ain’t Leo is a little vexed with me at present because I haven’t cleaned the gutters, weeded the flower beds, power washed the driveway, mowed the lawn, hung her new pictures, scrubbed the screen porch, moved the furniture and straightened the garage. In all fairness I have made some jewelry and made a new rawhide sheath. That said, it seemed like this might be a good time to  get out of town and let the heat die down.

Since Walter and I are of a certain age, we find it difficult to backpack as much or as far as we used to. Now it’s mostly the travel trailer for our trips, but when we feel like roughing it we throw a few essentials in the pickup and head on down the road. That’s the plan for this trip. We are taking my truck because the canoe is already strapped on top.

Lurlene Sue was kind enough to leave the keys to the pantry before she left, so groceries won’t be a problem on this trip. Her usual admonition is to “catch fish or starve.” I  don’t know why she had a change of heart. When I checked the chuck box last night, my buddy had jars of pickled green tomatoes with habanero peppers, field peas, creamed corn, pickled jalapenos, pickled okra, a bag of spuds, onions, smoked bacon, smoked ham, a bag of dried pinto beans, plenty of cornmeal and a couple of pounds of coffee. Along with the stuff in the other boxes, we should make do for three or four days.

Walter’s first question when we started to plan this trip was, “We gonna wolf waffle or bear burrito this trip? I really don’t feel like doing the cannibal lobster thang.”

For some of you newer readers who may need a glossary, let me explain. When Walter and I were still backpacking a lot, some of our friends were ultralight campers. Their idea of a good camp was a sleeping bag under a nylon tarp. They scoffed at us for bringing our hammocks. They said we looked like two burritos that were about the right size for a bear. The term stuck. Since Walter never lets a good insult go unanswered, his reply was, “You guys look like a coupla wolf waffles waitin’ to be et.” Again the term stuck. As for the cannibal reference, it came from an old joke about airplanes, but Walter uses it to describe my travel trailer. The cannibals said, “It’s kinda hard to get open, but what’s inside is really tasty.”

I guess I’ll amble out and get a little coffee in my system. Doc Harvey told me at my last checkup that he wasn’t sure if my nephropathy is caused by my diabetes or Walter’s coffee. Either way it’s just one more reason to seize the opportunity to spend some time in the woods and on the water. And I can’t think of a better person to spend it with than my old friend Walter.

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