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It’s been busy here at the homestead. Ain’t Leo is home from the hospital and on the mend. She’s resting a lot and I’ve been using the time to catch up of chores. One of the largest has been building a new workbench for some of the power tools and getting my tools put up.

Since I can’t hear the tinkling “maid call” from out in the garage, I’ve put my cell phone on her bedside speed dial. That way I can work on projects and still be the totally attentive husband she expects. Ain’t technology wonderful?

Sitting behind the woodworking bench is a small entertainment center that needs to be moved into the guest room. After that I’ll build a rolling cart for the bandsaw and the table saw. Right now I’m using the woodworking bench for jewelry making, too. Next month I’ll build a folding workbench on the other wall to serve as a work area that will house all my jewelry making tools and supplies.

All of the plans are subject to change, however, as Ain’t Leo is looking forward to getting back into the travel trailer as soon as possible. I don’t want her to push her recover too much, but I’ll admit that I miss being outside, too. I can always do the paracord side of the jewelry business in the boondocks. So – it seems like a win-win idea.

I’ll keep you posted as things progress.


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