village creek sp with gary and becky

IMG_1001Ain’t Leo wanted to get in one more camping trip before going into the hospital next week. While I was cogitating on where to go, I received a call from Gary wanting to know if we wanted to meet them at Village Creek State Park on Friday. Woo hoo! A chance to go camping and see some good friends, too! How good is that? They were planning on coming Friday, but Ain’t Leo said she wanted to go right then. So we arrived on Wednesday so that our latest family member could acclimate to frontier living.

He is the long-legged critter behind Ain’t Leo’s red chair. His give name is Chaz, but I call him Spiderman because of long legs. He’s a wirehaired something or other. Gary says the shape of his head and coat looks like a wolf hound. I couldn’t honestly tell you. All I can say is that he is one sweet guy and is bonded to Ain’t Leo like Gorilla Glue. She can’t even take a deep breath without having him in her lap.

Our old buddy Walter was very disappointed that he didn’t get to come along. When I told him that Gary brought along a great surprise for us he was really miffed. He knows that Gary is our Firemeister, so he knew it had to be something flammable. With Gary – it’s ALWAYS something flammable.

Swedish candleHis contribution to our first night campfire was his super-deluxe hybrid Swedish candle. In addition to the obligatory chainsaw kerfs, he added a bored vent hole down the center and out the side. Man, that sucker shot a flame about four feet tall and burned for about four hours. The only problem with the long burn time is that Gary didn’t get to poke and prod the fire as much as he likes to.

IMG_1000Here is a shot that give a view of the vent system he used. We had so much fun with this one that I loaded up all the unsplit firewood at the house and got ready take it to Gary for and candle making fest. Unfortunately the rain this weekend canceled our plans. We will try to get some done next week.

The real highlight of the night was the “bun bake.” No campfire is complete without one. Tried to upload a picture of this, but I kept running into an upload error, so you’ll just have to use your imagination


2 comments to village creek sp with gary and becky

  • Maryjo

    Harry, I really enjoyed reading this. You are such a Good writer and very entertaining. I am so glad you guys are able to see Gary and Becky! They are such great people and so are you and Ain’t Leo. I am sure you guys have a blast when you are all together.I wish I could see more pictures. I loved the fire and the part about Gary loving anything flammable! LOL! Please keep in touch and please keep me up on how Lillian is doing. I think about her all the time and she is always in my prayers. Hopefully when she gets better I will be able to come camp with you guys. Love you both!

    Maryjo :)

  • Becky

    I was a really great weekend and enjoyed Gary’s LARGE fires both nights! I must say that I am really glad that the “bun bake” would not upload. I prefer my buns baked in private with a few close friends. LOL Can’t wait to see you next week.

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