atlanta state park

I noticed that I had several draft posts in the hopper that were never finished due to all the medical issues in our household. This seems like a good time to push them on through the system.


We have been planning on visiting Atlanta State Park for several months. During a visit with relatives in Texarkana, we decided to take the short drive to look around and see if it was a place we wanted to spend a couple of weeks. Uncle Elbert said that it was a beautiful little park when they camped there several years ago. What we saw during the visit brought tears to his eyes.

In 2011, several wildfires ravaged Bowie and Cass counties. Unfortunately, Atlanta State Park was in the path of the fires. What is left of the park is really sad. The infrastructure is still in good shape, but most of the trees are dead. We saw several diehard campers set up in the full hookup area, but the view was of standing dead timber. I would be surprised if the park remains open in the face of threatened park closures.

Just a few miles north of the park, several Corps of Engineers parks were untouched. The area around Lake Wright Patman is beautiful and green. It is hard to believe that there is such devastation nearby.

If you are ever in the area, take a drive through the park. It will give you a new appreciation for danger and destruction of wildfires.

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