emergency rooms and other things

We are home now and settling in after the last camping trip. Due to our latest adventure, we’ve been making doctor appointments and gathering out of town medical records.

We went to Village Creek State Park to meet up with our favorite campers, Gary and Becky. We sat around Saturday and cooked up some tasty country style ribs in the dutch oven. On Sunday Becky made a great Low Country Boil with shrimp, new potatoes and corn. While we were huddled around the campfire, Ain’t Leo excused herself and went to the camper.

When I went to bed after midnight I found that Ain’t Leo was really sick. We ended up calling an ambulance to take her to the hospital in Beaumont. After several IVs, some antibiotics and pain meds, we were able to take her back to the campground. Ain’t Leo is a tough cookie. We extended our stay at Village Creek for a couple of days so she could rest up. She then decided that she wanted to continue our road trip so we pressed on for Mission Tejas State Park. We made it for three days there before we had to break camp and come home. She was not a happy camper because we still had Purtis Creek on our schedule.

We will keep you posted on the next trip. We will start with Purtis Creek next time. I’ll follow up with our thoughts on Mission Tejas soon.

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