turkey fry-day on tuesday

This is proof that someoe is cooking besides me.

Dan and Bill are solving world problems while keeping a close eye on the thermometer. I wasn’t keeping close track, but I think we solved the world’s energy crisis, fiancial mismanagement and a host of labor issues during the time it took to cook two turkeys.


Here Dan is using his “grease sucker” to get the excess slimy stuff off of a rack of baby back ribs for Bill’s daughters. The girls were puppy sitting the new arrivals while the guys were working. The three day old Boxer pups were a lot more interesting than hot grease and smoke.

After the turkey – deep fried ribs. Dan has it down to a science after thirty years on the deepfryer. He makes the best ribs in town, probably in the state. I had to take one out of the pan for breakfast

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