zinger update

Wow! All parts are finally in at the repair shop. We stopped by the shop on Monday and they had all of the siding stripped off the curbside of the trailer and were crawling around it like a bunch of ants. According to the service manager, it should be ready for us the first week of October.

It’s hard to believe that there was that much damage done in just nine days in the hands of the meth heads. So far the toll is: nine sheets of exterior panels, all decals, replace underbelly where they cut out sections for some reason, two interior wall panels, bedroom door, dinette booth, drawer fronts, overhead cabinet and trim around the fridge.

If it isn’t ready to go on time I’ll have to restrain Ain’t Leo. She’s getting harder to live with because she is not getting her camping time. Couple that with “retirement nerves” and Lil Harry and I have a recipe for disaster.

The nice thing for someone out there is that they will have a “like new” trailer when we put it on the market. Still looking at a couple of motorhomes for retirement. One new; the other used. Decisions, decisions.


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