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It’s been one of those good news, bad news kind of weeks. You know the kind.

I called our RV repair center Tuesday and spoke to the service manager. He told me that I was on his list to call and really was dreading having to make the call. He doesn’t like calling about anything except good news.

It seems that the nine panels of aluminum siding for our rig arrived on Monday. When he got up on the truck to inspect the package he saw that someone had driven one of the blades of a forklift right through the middle of the box. No one knows where the damage took place, but they placed it on the truck for delivery anyway.

Our service manager declined the shipment and began the process all over again. The folks at Crossroads said they couldn’t do anything until the shipment was returned and they could make a determination on it. It might take another 2 – 3 weeks to resolve the problem. Duh!

Our service manager is an enterprising guy and was not content with the answer. He located another manufacturer who uses the same profile and color codes on their rigs. They were very helpful and we should have the replacements back here by Friday! Let’s hear it for people who go out of their way to do their jobs well.

We still have all of the interior parts that are on hold for some reason. It’s beginning to make me a little unhappy with our manufacturer. The only reason I’m not raising some really happy H3LL is that I’ve watched the work they do in their shop. I feel confident that the rig will be in better shape than when we bought it — if we ever get all the parts in.

As of this post, we’ve had to cancel four trips that we had planned. It looks like two more will be zapped before the rig is ready. I’ll be happy if we get it in before Dec 31st, which is Ain’t Leo’s last day at work. I’ve promised that I’ll pick her up at the front door of her office building with the trailer and take off for Arkansas from there. I hope I haven’t made a promise that I can’t keep.

On another lighter note, I have to tell you about an adventure with some friends.

A couple of our best friends and camping buddies drove in from far East Texas to spend the day with us. We went to Ikea to do a little shopping and planned a late lunch afterwards.

Photo0295The first part was great. We found a few little goodies that we could use for the trailers. We even found the perfect accessories for Halloween if we decide to go as Koren fisherment. We’ve been thinking about sending this off to Ikea so that they can use us as cover models for their next catalog. Works for me.

The second part of our plan didn’t quite measure up to our expectations and all four of us paid the price.

Ain’t Leo had asked a friend where she and her husband went for Chinese food. Somewhere between asking the question and showing up for lunch, we suffered (and I mean that literally) from a miscommunication.

When we arrived at the restaurant we were greeted by a nice Chinese lady and were shown to our table. After we cruised the buffet line, my buddy noted that that all of the signs were in Englis and Spanish. No sign of Chinese script anywhere. Also no Asian customers, either. Always a bad sign. When I made my second trip through the buffet ine I noticed that the cooks were all Hispanic. Hmmmm! I should have gotten a warning tingle from that, but being hungry trumped my good sense.

To save you further pain, about half way back to the house I had to nudge the accelerator just a bit to get us back home. We all smiled politely and headed to different sides of the house to take care of the aftermath of our dining extravaganza.

I talked to my bud yesterday and he suggested that they should rename the restaurant to T’ai Chi Chi to cover both sides of their cultural spectrum.

Needless to say, I went down to my friend’s house to chastize her for sending us to such a crummy eatery. That’s when she told me, “Oh, no, baby. You missed my restaurant by about ten miles.” Oooops! I did suggest, however, that she an her husbant avoid T’ai Chi Chi at all cost.

I’ll keep you posted in the ongoing saga of trailer repairs.

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