preview: emberlit stove

With everything going on after the theft and recovery of our travel trailer, I haven’t had much time for writing. I was digging around through some of my gear and pulled out my Emberlit stove to preview. I’ll be following up at the end of August with a detailed review.

mbrlt simon 002

The following blurb gives you the company line on the stove and I couldn’t improve on their description:

The Emberlit Camp Stove (pat pend) is a lightweight, compact, wood burning stove that doesn’t require you carry any fuel. It packs completely flat at about 1/8th in thick, weighs only 11.3 oz, and is 100% Made here in the USA from stainless steel.

From a personal perspective, this is one of the best little backpacking and survival stoves I’ve found. It uses twigs, pinecones or bark. It’s just the right size to hold Sterno cans or an alcohol burner making it one of the most flexible units I’ve used.

I’ve had this stove for over a year and have given it some hard use. I often use it to brew a hot cup of tea when I’m hiking or when manning the grill in the backyard. When the flame burns out all that’s left are a few ashes. It comes with a plastic sleeve carrying case that helps keep the soot off your other equipment.

IMG 0954

Here it is in action. Water is bubbling for tea while the steaks are grilling.

The pouch in the background holds my canteen, cup, tea bags, and the Emberlit stove. It has a shoulder sling and tags along on all of my day hikes. Last fall we got stuck out in a shower and had to take shelter under some trees. The temps were in the low 50’s, so I gathered a large pile of twigs and placed the stove between my knees. I wrapped my poncho around me and Lil Harry to relfect the heat and we stayed toasty warm until the rain stopped and we could get back to the truck. I had a nice cup of tea while we waited.

I’ll do a follow-up later in the month with some video on assembly, cleaning, storage and plans mor making one of your own if you are feeling adventurous and strapped for cash.


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