travel trailer update

It’s been one of those good news, bad news kind of weeks. You know the kind.

I called our RV repair center Tuesday and spoke to the service manager. He told me that I was on his list to call and really was dreading having to make the call. He doesn’t like calling about . . . → Read More: travel trailer update

more reading from the road

Here is some more of my reading from the road. You can tell it’s election time from many of the bumper stickers. And some of these can be tacky and offensive to some. . .so read with care.

More bumper stickers:

Jesus Loves You Everyone else thinks you’re just an asshole

He who laughs last . . . → Read More: more reading from the road

preview: emberlit stove

With everything going on after the theft and recovery of our travel trailer, I haven’t had much time for writing. I was digging around through some of my gear and pulled out my Emberlit stove to preview. I’ll be following up at the end of August with a detailed review.

The following blurb . . . → Read More: preview: emberlit stove