it’s baaaaaaack!

We got a call from the Harris County Constable’s office to let us know that our travel trailer has been recovered. We will meet them at the investigation yard on Monday morning as they start the inventory. The trailer was filled with a lot of stolen property, so we will be there to identify what is ours.

The guys who pinched our rig are part of an organized crime ring that had stolen recreational vehicles, ATVs, motor cycles, tools and other easily portable property. The truck they used to get our rig has been seized along with the torch they used to cut our tongue lock and the gate to the storage yard. It seems that they specialize in storage lots.

Our local Channel 2 news did a pretty nice story on it yesterday and our Zinger appears to be in decent shape on the outside, but since the dirt bags were living in it it’s anybody’s guess what the inside looks like. Ain’t Leo says that there is NO WAY she is sleeping on that brand new mattress after those scum bags have been sleeping on it. Can’t say as I blame her.

We’ll keep you posted as things progress.

Keep on camping!!


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