got checklists?

CheckMarkI am a big believer in checklists. Part of it has to do with my military training, but an even larger part has to do with my roaring descent into old age. I often suffer from “old timer’s disease” or “CRS.” Now a more immediate need for the checklist is to wrangle with the insurance company after the theft of our travel trailer. Here are a few points to keep in mind about checklists.

First point: Keep your checklist up-to-date. Ours is, so all we have to do is attach a dollar amount to each item. I’m pretty certain that the insurance company won’t be ready for such a detailed accounting of the contents of our rig.

Second point: Keep a copy of the checklist somewhere other than your rig. I keep a copy on my laptop and on my Galaxy Tab. I may even add one to my phone. I now know that you never know when you might need the list other than pre-trip planning.

Third point: Keep a list of model numbers and serial numbers of all high ticket items such as TVs, stereos, DVD players, cable boxes, etc. This is one step that I failed to take, but I did keep all of the info that came with each item and was able to make my list after the fact. I won’t make that mistake again and I’ll backup the list with pics of the appropriate data tags.

Now I have some checklist items for you that I learned from the theft of our trailer.

  • Feel violated when you learn that your rig is missing. . .check!
  • Get angry after the feeling of violation passes. . .check!
  • Call the insurance company and get told that the adjuster will call you that day. . .check!
  • Get a call from the insurance adjuster three days later after you call to complain about not hearing from him. . .check!
  • Explain how the loss occured. . .check!
  • Get grilled about your current financial status. . .check!
  • Feel like you are a suspect in the disappearnce of your most cherished asset. . .check!
  • Get angry again because they are more interested in checking you out than finding your property or settling your claim. . .check!

OK. End of rant. Now we can sit back and wait for the insurance company to work their alleged magic. And cancel all of the trips we have scheduled for the rest of the year.


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