project: two new knives

Here are a couple of knives that I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks. You can see that the poor Scandi blade suffered from my allergy eyes reaction. Since my eyes were swollen shut for a few days, I should have left it alone. I’ll probably keep it for a hiking blade. It’s tough, sharp and strong.

IMG 0905

The Scandi’s have a stick tang. I used 1/8″ thick solid brass plate as a spacer for the handle scales. I used hidden brass pins to hold the handle along with some 5000# epoxy. The handle is olive wood with a gentle palm swell to make it more comfortable in the hand.

The lower blade is a Rio Grande Skinner. It is 440C stainless steel tempered to about Rockwell 58. The handle is burled quince that takes a nice satin sheen with just a little buffing. I’ll put it on the site for sale after I get the sheath made. I’m also working on a little hunter’s hatchet with matching burl quince handles to go with it, but my blade maker buddy is still trying to get my design right.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the pic from the Helen Keller school of blade work.


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