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IMG 0879I arrived at Stephen F Austin State Park at about 1030 on Thursday of last week (05/10/12). My buddy Ron was supposed to meet me there to help me set up camp, but he was fashionably late – which means that when he arrived at 1230 I’d already set up the travel trailer, erected the screen room and had everything shipshape. I’m sure there was a reason for his tardiness other than wanting to miss out on all the fun.

It was a great trip considering the first couple of days.

When Ron finally arrived we went for a three-mile hike along the Cottonwood and River Bend trails. We set a pretty brisk pace because it started thundering about a quarter-mile into the hike. We raced the rain all the way back to the campsite. We’d just settled down into the recliners when the rain started. The temp dropped about fifteen degrees and the breeze picked up and made for a nice afternoon of sitting under the awning and watching the rain fall. Nothing beats a nice gentle rain, a cool breeze and a puppy in your lap.

IMG 0884 IMG 0888

Ron left us about 6:00 pm, so Lil Harry and I adjourned to the camper for a salami sandwich supper and some TV. When we turned in for the night the weather took a turn for the worse. We got about three inches of rain punctuated with thunder and lightning. Since Lil Harry is not fond of thunderstorms, he made himself at home in my armpit and stayed there for the night.

Friday morning was clear and cool. We piddled around camp, ate a late breakfast and made some paracord jewelry. After that we took another hike to see if the deer were moving after the storm. Nada.

Ain’t Leo arrived around 6:00 pm. It’s a shame that one of us has to work for a living. Just as she entered the camper we heard a knock on the door. The Park Hosts were letting everyone know they were expecting 60 mph winds and heavy hail. The Ranger opened the activity building in case anyone wanted to take shelter.

We stuck it out in the camper, as did most of the others in the campground. We lucked out. We got another four inches of rain, but the winds passed us by. Just east of us in Katy the storm chasers were following a rotational wall, but the funnel never touched down.

From Saturday morning until we left on Monday, the weather was beautiful. Partly cloudy skies, light breezes and temperatures in the mid-70’s. We couldn’t have asked for more.

IMG 0881 IMG 0882 IMG 0869

IMG 0891 IMG 0883

After the storms passed, the wildlife came out of the woodwork. We had seven deer grazing at the edge of our site. A horde of bunnies played chase every morning and evening. The owls tried to keep us awake each night and I was ambushed by a ticked off raccoon when I made a trash run to the dumpster.

I was on the phone to Ron when I lifted the lid to the dumpster. Just as I flipped the trash bag, an overfed coon bounded over the edge and hit me in the shoulder. Ain’t Leo asked it scared me. “Not really,” I told her. “Unless nearly splashing my pants counts as scared.”

Ain’t Leo left early Monday morning so she could buy groceries for the week and do a little house cleaning before I got home. I spent the morning flushing holding tanks and doing a bit of maintenance on the Zinger. Even that was fun since I was still at our full hook up site.

For those of you who have been to this park, the Park Host is no longer located in site # 39. I was lucky enought to get that site on Thursday because the outgoing hosts left Wednesday evening and the new hosts wanted site # 31. Our site was the best in the park. It had nice trees and was located right on the end of the circle where the deer love to graze. Heaven.

I would have posted this sooner, but the honey-do’s started as soon as I got home. All I can say is that we’ll be leaving for Village Creek State Park in seven more days. Woohoo!!

Wishing you all the best.


4 comments to sfa state park

  • how are the hiking trails at this state park?

    Looking for a good place to get away and go for a hike.

    • YakDriver

      Andrew, the trails are well maintained and there several to choose from. I like the Copperhead loop because it tends to be less used. I’ve slung my hammock along the trail and haven’t seen anyone all day (during the week).

      Just wanted you to know that you are doing a great job with Armadillo Sheaths. I’ve really enjoyed the sheaths you made for me. They ARE like armor for my knives.

  • Wendy

    I haven’t camped at SFA since Spring of 2011 when we were still in a tent. We now have a pop-up. We don’t want the electricty though and were trying to recall if there are cement barriers at each parking spot or if we could get our pop-up through to a tent site… I realize you weren’t in this area, I was just wondering if you had any recollection or photos to help us decide. Thanks so much!

    • YakDriver

      I have camped in the tent area a number of times. There are curb barriers at each site, but you should be able to maneuver around them. I don’t know how the rangers feel about that, but it shouldn’t be any more problem than with a tent since you aren’t using hookups. A quick call to the park headquarters should answer that question for you.

      As far as pictures are concerned, I can probably get some up in another post shortly. Hope you enjoy your next trip there.

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