the clock is ticking

stopwatchAin’t Leo broke the news today that she will either start working three days per week next month — or she will retire at the end of August. She’s giving the firm a chance to step up to the plate and is, in her normal fashion, more than fair.

Her stress levels have been rising and her health has been dropping. I am pleased that she has come to this decision without any prompting from me. I’ll tell ya, Lil Harry and I are looking forward to more time with her at home — or at the campground.

All of that is the long way of saying that the clock is ticking on the full-timing journey. Now comes the adventure of sorting through all of our “anchors” that are holding us to the house. Time to sort, sell, donate and cull. Then comes getting the house on the market.

We’ve already been shopping for a new rig. We are pretty heavy into the idea of a fifth wheel, but we still haven’t ruled out a Class A Diesel Pusher. From a personal standpoint, I like the floorplans and livability of the fifth wheel. Ain’t Leo is still on the fence. Either way, we all know that I will be “drivin’ Miss Daisy.”

The current leader of the pack is the Forest River Cardinal 3550RL. Thirty-eight feet of RV goodness. Four door fridge, 42″ flat screen in the LR, 32″ in the BR, automatic levelers, huge basement, large tanks for boondocking, and all the other goodies that she could desire. Plus a big recliner for me and Lil Harry so we can watch TV when we’re not out hiking.

We are also thinking of selling the kayak and getting one of the high end inflatable kayaks. They have a really rugged hull – much like the Zodiacs we used in SF. I want mine to be a bright color, though. I’ve had enough of camo and stealth black. I’m now officially entering the land of old coots with my eyes wide open. WooHoo!!

We’ll keep you posted as things progress. Wish us luck and many happy trails. Looking forward to camping with many of you soon.


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