salvaged firesteel


Several years ago I was given a BlastMatch firestarter to review. It’s a good idea and is designed for one-handed operation. That’s a real plus if you are injured, but the actual operation ran counter to my technique for using these things. Additionally, I had trouble getting it to open reliably one-handed. Since . . . → Read More: salvaged firesteel

bambi’s loss is our gain

My buddy Dan came through for me again. His brother owns an exotic game ranch, so he thought I could use some antlers for making knife handles. He brought back a dozen Axis sheds for me to start with and said he would get more when he goes back next month. The picture is . . . → Read More: bambi’s loss is our gain

the clock is ticking

Ain’t Leo broke the news today that she will either start working three days per week next month — or she will retire at the end of August. She’s giving the firm a chance to step up to the plate and is, in her normal fashion, more than fair.

Her stress levels have been rising . . . → Read More: the clock is ticking