pre-trip rv checklist

I’m a firm believer in checklists. Sometimes I feel that I’m in the early stages of “old-timers” disease because I usually forget at least one thing on each trip, so I’m in the process of making checklists of everything I can think of. A few more days and I’ll have to make a checklist to make sure that I check all the checklists, but it’ll be worth it to keep from having those long under my breath conversations with myself at the campground. Following is one checklist that I believe every RVer should have handy:

Pre-trip Inspection Checklist

  • Check RV propane system:
    inspection dates
    propane levels
  • Check RV fire extinguisher:
    expiration date
    safety pin installed and secured
  • Check RV water system:
    refill water
    gray tank system and valves
    water heater
  • Check RV black water system and valves
  • Check RV refrigerator (electric, 12-volt or propane)
  • Check alarms and change batteries as needed:
    fire alarm
    smoke alarm
    carbon monoxide alarm
    propane alarm
  • Check RV battery:
    deep cycle battery operation
    water levels
    clean treat battery terminals
    charge as needed
  • Check rooftop units:
  • Check interior and exterior lights
  • Check operability of awnings, latches, seals, insulation, jacks, welds, locks
  • Check for interior leaks
  • Check engine oil, transmission fluid, oil level, air filter, lube linkages
  • Check air conditioner filters (clean if needed)
  • Check all hoses and connections
  • Check generator
  • Check RV brakes and tires
  • Check RV towing equipment
    hitch ball
    tow bar
    emergency brakes
    lift system

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