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Today was a landmark day. Walter graced us with an unannounced appearance at our home. It’s always a pleasure when he comes out of seclusion at the Headquarters of the World Problem Solution Society and Coffee Klatch.

I was on the back porch potting veggie seeds and juggling Lil Harry on my lap when he arrived. Fortunately the Keurig was on the porch with me, so after the secret handshake and wolf howl we were able to get down to the serious business of drinking coffee. His first observation was that, while the coffee had a really righteous flavor, it lacked any body and texture. Keep in mind that we drink cowboy coffee at Headquarters and it is so thick with grounds that even the women who visit us have grown moustaches just filter out the excess grounds.

While we sipped coffee, Walter allowed as how he really appreciated my “jungle,” referring to my grossly overplanted and landscaped backyard. He said, “If you close your eyes you’d almost think that you’re someplace worth being. The birds singing, the sweet smell of butterfly bush and jasmine is almost worth coming to town.”

I think that was a compliment, but with Walter you just never know.

Lil Harry finally found the sweet spot in my lap and settled down to observe the world, eyes and nose in constant motion. He even had an occasional ear flick. For those of you who know Lil Harry, it was a really active day. Usually he just lays in my lap and snores.

Ain’t Leo, bless her heart, made cheese and venison sausage omelets with tomato on top and orange slices on the side for us. While we were having breakfast, Walter expounded on the various flutterbys, stumblebees and strummingbirds that populate our garden: habits, habitats, dietary predilections, family structures. After all these years I’m still learning the secret language that bubbles out of Walter’s mouth. It’s like I’ve become fluent in Walterese; my brain processes it without any conscious thought.

As always, there was a point to Walter’s visit. It seems he wants me to invest in some Bambi feeders to help support the population displaced by the five county wildfire that’s raging here. I was really pleased with his backhanded conservationism, but I could have done without his parting reminder that cowboy coffee is an honest brew and that my Keurig K-cups will be in the landfill until long after dinosaurs once again poop pure oil. He, at least, is able to water plants and fertilize the plants with his leftovers.


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