firewire–not just for computers

IMG_0692Most of you geeksters will recognize firewire as a faster alternative to USB connections. Now I’ve got a firewire connection for all of you campers, bushcrafters, cooks and BBQ junkies.

My neighbors, Dan and Melba, know how much I love cooking in the backyard, so they gave me a really great BBQ cookbook and these great new Firewire Flexible Grilling Skewers for my birthday. I never met a cookbook I didn’t like, but these skewers are awesome.

For you bushcrafters, this is an unexpected multi-use tool. Not only is it a great way to fold your squirrel kebabs onto your tiny backpacker grill, these things make a great snare for rabbits on steroids. They’re made of flexible stainless steel cable with a crimped loop on one end and a sharpened skewer on the other. Come to think of it, if they were a bit longer you could probably lip Moby Dick on it as a fish stringer.

A couple of things really stand out for me. First, because they are flexible you can load them up with cubed groceries and stuff them (pre-loaded) into a zip lock marinade bag. When it’s time to hit the fire – just yank them out and drop them on the coals. The other thing also has to do with their flexibility. You can make maximum use of your grill space by wrapping them around other foods you are cooking. I like wind them around the outer edges of the coals so my veggies don’t get done too quick. How good is that?

These came from a local Hallmark store, but you could probably get more info on availability by contacting Inno-Labs, the maker.

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