a real man’s glove

IMG_0693Though it pains me to admit it, my buddy Walter may have finally gotten one right. If so, it will be a new world’s record for him – one in a row.

Yesterday I pulled into the headquarters of the World Problem Solution Society at its undisclosed location in Texas. Walter met me at the gate with an unusual bounce in his step. After unpacking the truck and dispensing with the secret handshake, we retired to the fire ring for a much deserved mug of Walter’s cowboy coffee. He’s the only person I know who can brew a pot that has the consistency of West Texas light sweet crude and still has a good coffee flavor.

I looked at Walter and said, “Something must be going on to have you grinning like a mule eatin’ briars through a picket fence.”

“Yep,” he said. “After all these years I finally found the perfect man’s glove. It has all the features a real man could want.”

“So, please, extoll the virtues of this wonder garment you’ve found. What, pray tell, makes it the perfect man’s glove?”

“It’s the attention to important details and knowing how a man really works that makes the difference in this glove. You can tell that I’ve put this pair through the grinder and they performed without a hitch.

“Look at how they’re made. Good leather where it counts. Some kinda cloth on the back. And you know that somebody watched real people work to get these other details in one glove. Lookey here at the pointer finger. See that little cloth patch? It’s perfect for when you have to do a one hole nose blow and the cloth lets you give it a little wipe before you get to the other side. And look at the back of the thumb. More of that cloth stuff to wipe the sweat off your forehead. You don’t even need a bandana. Now that’s what I call perfect.”

Well, I have to admit that the glove was built to perform all the tasks that Walter said. And I’ve never seen another glove that was designed for hand protection, nostril maintenance and sweat diversion. Oh, yeah, he says it’s supple, too.

Here is what Wells Lamont, the maker of the glove has to say about it:

Premium grain deerskin for the best in our ultimate comfort leather series.  Feels and fits great.  Stretch fabric back with neoprene knuckle insert conforms to your hand.  Comfort Closure™ adjustable wrist fits like you like it.  Reinforced leather finger & thumb tips for added wear performance.  Deerskin provides superior dexterity.  Super soft & supple feel.   Not for heavy duty use.

  • Grain deerskin palm with stretch spandex back.
  • Neoprene padded knuckle insert. 
  • Hook & loop adjustable wrist closure. 
  • Reinforced finger & thumb tips. 
  • Wing thumb, gunn cut pattern.

Happy trails.


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