a real man’s glove

Though it pains me to admit it, my buddy Walter may have finally gotten one right. If so, it will be a new world’s record for him – one in a row.

Yesterday I pulled into the headquarters of the World Problem Solution Society at its undisclosed location in Texas. Walter met me at the . . . → Read More: a real man’s glove

firewire–not just for computers

Most of you geeksters will recognize firewire as a faster alternative to USB connections. Now I’ve got a firewire connection for all of you campers, bushcrafters, cooks and BBQ junkies.

My neighbors, Dan and Melba, know how much I love cooking in the backyard, so they gave me a really great BBQ cookbook and these . . . → Read More: firewire–not just for computers

how to sanitize your fresh water system

Sanitizing the fresh water system of your RV is a simple, but often overlooked operation. I’m surprised when talking to other RV’ers that most of them limit their maintenance to periodically flushing the fresh water tank. Follow these simple steps to get your system in tip-top condition.

Before starting maintenance, analyze the components of . . . → Read More: how to sanitize your fresh water system