Donut tree

On the way home from the funeral, Ain’t Leo wanted to stop by Stephen F Austin State Park. It’s been years since she’s been there, but I’m always telling her about it because Lil Harry and I camp and hike there pretty often. Her biggest question: What’s a donut tree?

The last time Lil Harry and I camped there we told Ain’t Leo about the donut tree. I told her that we sat there for three days waiting for the donuts to ripen, but we had to come home before they were done. We didn’t even see a single blossom, but we have high hopes.











We also spent time searching for Edgar Allen Poe, but only found his croaking companion. And he was pretty silent about the whole thing. Funny the things you find when out for a walk.

And, finally, you know that you are not a threat when a doe will lay down in the middle of a picnic area to take a nap. We walked all around her and all she did was raise her head to watch us.

More to come from the next hike.



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