review: fairfield lake state park

Nicely wooded sites at Fairfield Lake SP


Fairfield Lake State Park is comprised of 1460 acres of mixed hardwood forest northeast of the town of Fairfield in Freestone County. The park has 36 water only tent sites and 98 water/electric sites. Thirty-seven of the sites are pull-thrus to accommodate larger rigs. The park also has a hike in primitive camping area at the end of a three mile trail.

Fairfield Lake SP has a group use area, boat ramps and a swimming area. Due to budget cuts, there is no park store.

For hikers, the park has 15 miles of continuous trailways. In addition, it has a 2 mile nature trail and a 1 mile birdwatching trail. Most of the trails I hiked were well maintained and most trash was picked up. There are a few users, however, who continue to litter even after the trail maintenance.

Fairfield Lake is normally a prime winter fishing area because of the warm outflow from the TXU Big Brown power plant. A recent fish kill has put a large dent in the fishing, but park staff expects a rapid recovery. The water temperature allows the stocking of Red Drum and the state record for inland drum (44″; 36.83 lbs.) was taken from Fairfield Lake.


The park was added to the system in 1971. As a result, many of the sites can be a little cramped for larger rigs. We noted that several sites would be too tight for our 27 footer and still allow us to deploy the awning. Since our visit was over the Easter weekend, we were lucky to find a site that would accommodate us. Most of the sites were relative level, but we did note that there was a distinct lack of maintenance on several of the parking pads.

On non-holiday weekends, this should be a great park. One of the problems we observed was that most of the pull-thru sites were taken up by tenters and several larger rigs were unable to find a place to stay. Don’t take this as a rant against tent campers because I still do a lot of tenting myself. I just feel that park staff should request that the pull thru sites be left available for the larger rigs that have trouble fitting into the older, tighter sites. On a popular holiday that may be a difficult chore since Texas reservations are more of a “hunting permit” than site reservation.

Overall, we enjoyed our stay at Fairfield Lake State Park. The park employees were friendly and the park hosts we met were really nice people. We will definitely make a return trip to this park and recommend it to anyone who wants a nice, relaxing time in the woods.



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  • Thanks for the review of Fairfield Lake State Park. Hubby and I are still here as the only park hosts, and will be when you come back for the park’s dutch oven project. Also, thanks for the nudge, I’ve started pecking at the keyboard again to open that new novel.Keep in touch…Stephanie

  • YakDriver

    Thanks, Stephanie. We loved the park and I certainly enjoyed visiting with you guys. I’m going to try to iron out dates with the Ranger this week. It’s been a little too hectic the past couple of weeks to get that stuff done.

    We look forward to seeing you guys again, soon.

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