remembering pop

A guy on one of the bushcraft forums posted pictures of a knife collection that his father sent to him. His father worked at the Schrade plant for many years and bought knives there periodically. When he retired, he sent the knives to his son. It got me to thinking about my pop and his knives. I dug through the dresser drawer and pulled out the knives that I found when I cleared out Pop’s house after his passing.


Schrade, Case and unknow maker

Pop was a child of the depression and kept everything he bought until he’d used up all the “good” it had. He bought one knife at a time to carry in his pocket. The only other knife he used regularly was his hunting knife, the folding Case Trapper shown at top. He would hone and strop the blades until they more closely resembled an awl than a knife. One thing that I remember clearly is that his blade was always shaving sharp. When I borrowed it for a task I always treated it with respect because I’d learned early that you could lose some skin if you were careless with it.

The bottom knife is one that he bought for me when I was eight years old. And that’s been much more than a half century ago. I don’t know what brand it is or what it cost, but it was really special when I found it in his dresser drawer. He’d kept it for me all those years.

As I told the fellow on the forum, those knives his dad gave him will always serve to trigger the memories of some good times they had together. I know that I always think of Pop every time I pick up one of those old relics. Yes, they’re worn out now, but each still has a razor edge that holds some sharp memories for me.



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