project: backpacking grill

I watched a YouTube video posted by a fellow called Snakedoctor from the BushcraftUSA forums. The guy is a whiz with a TIG welder and made a really nice pocket grill for backpacking. Since I weld about as well as I fly, I decided to make my grill using the scrounge method of gear making.

A few years ago I was given an outdoor kitchen unit for Christmas similar to this one. I’ve used the table part for years as a stand for my Coleman stove or for my Dutch ovens. It came with a stainless steel wire backdrop for holding utensils, etc. Since I never used that part, they’ve been propped up in the garage. I decided that part of it would make an excellent grill after watching the video.

I measured off the size I thought would be appropriate for my needs and made cuts with a hacksaw blade. After making the cuts, I used a small file to smooth the edges so that the grill won’t snag on items in the pack or in the stuff sack (which I will have to make tonight). Below are some photos of the project.

After making my pointing digit very sore by guiding the saw blade, I tested the grill by heating enough water to make my self a nice bowl of hot chocolate. It would have been much tastier at oh dark thirty when the temp is in the fifties, but I figured it was a good reward for a job well done.



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