project: tacticool facelift

The surest way to get a premium price for a tool is to paint it black and attach the word “tactical” to it in some way or another. Examples: Tactical keychain. Personal tactical assistant app. Tactical lawn chair. It’s become so overused that many savvy outdoorsmen refer to it as tacticool.

One solid exception to . . . → Read More: project: tacticool facelift

review: grab and go pouch

As promised in my last post, here is a little about the grab and go pouch that I keep in the truck. This handy bit of kit is ideal if I stumble upon a trail while out driving around. It, along with my canteen, meets most of my basic needs.

I use a NiteIze . . . → Read More: review: grab and go pouch

review: rothco map case as day bag

My buddy John, from Ft. Smith, sent me a new bag for day hikes. He’d seen the Timbuk2 small that I usually carry and thought I could use something that would hold all my gear and look a little more “bushcrafty.” Here’s the bag. I added the patches to it as soon as it arrived.

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remembering pop

A guy on one of the bushcraft forums posted pictures of a knife collection that his father sent to him. His father worked at the Schrade plant for many years and bought knives there periodically. When he retired, he sent the knives to his son. It got me to thinking about my pop and his . . . → Read More: remembering pop

after action report

If you’ve ever spent time in the military you know about after action reports. It’s when you do a post-mortem of your operation. I was thinking about our trip to the Brazos yesterday, what we did and what we could have done.

Item 1: I didn’t have my spork in my day bag. Consequences: I . . . → Read More: after action report