hatful of ash

Hatful of ash shavings

Please forgive me for saying this, I know your hat should be full of head, but in this case it is full of ash (the wood, that is).

One of my bushcraft buds challenged me to make hatful of shavings for tinder. The contest was to see who could fill his hat with thin curlicues first. I’ll admit that he beat me soundly. And he doesn’t seem the least bit repentant about having a smaller head than me, therefore a smaller hat.

I trumped him at the end by making a mini-fuzz stick and then harvesting some birch bark from a tree in my backyard. My tree, my tinder, my trump. Mwahahahahahaha! Take that, pinhead, and stuff it in your hat. We’ll have to try that at the next roundup.

By the way, the knife I used is destined for an unnamed camping bud of mine the next time we get together. Just to give fair warning – when I stropped the blade and tried to shave the hair on my arm – all the hair screamed and jumped off my arm in self defense. It’s that sharp!

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