bannock for breakfast

Normally I meet a couple of my buds at Panera for breakfast on Friday. We devour Cinnamon Crunch bagels and solve world problems while swilling copious amounts of coffee. Yesterday we decided to meet at my place for fresh, hot bannock and cowboy coffee. Both of the guys are city boys and didn’t have a . . . → Read More: bannock for breakfast

harder than a woodpecker’s lips

Tylenol bird

I thought we were going to get a little “us” time on this camping trip, but that wasn’t to be the case. We had just backed the Zinger into the campsite when Walter (not his real name) stepped out of the woods.

“I saw you guys drive past HQ and thought we’d . . . → Read More: harder than a woodpecker’s lips

project: dutch oven cooking stations

I attended a Dutch oven cooking demonstration hosted by the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society. I was so impressed with their ingenious cooking stations made out of re-bar and plow discs that I ordered a couple. The ovens sit about waist high so it’s easier to check the goodies while you’re cooking. They are set . . . → Read More: project: dutch oven cooking stations

hatful of ash

Hatful of ash shavings

Please forgive me for saying this, I know your hat should be full of head, but in this case it is full of ash (the wood, that is).

One of my bushcraft buds challenged me to make hatful of shavings for tinder. The contest was to see who could fill . . . → Read More: hatful of ash

ragnar rocks!

I don’t know how many of you have visited Ragnar’s site (Ragweed Forge), but this guy rocks!

I placed an order with him for three Mora knives. I’ve had trouble with everyone being backordered and was tired of waiting weeks just to be told that the units were still on order. A bushcraft buddy told . . . → Read More: ragnar rocks!