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Walter (not his real name) just returned from a bushcraft meetup a hundred miles north of our World Headquarters. He told me that everyone there was wearing a neck rig that held their most essential tools close at hand. “Could you make a few for us?” he asked.

“I’d be tickled to make some for you,” I said.

“What is it with you country boys? Why are you always ‘tickled’ by things?”, he asked.

I told him that tickling feels good and makes you happy. Just like doing something nice for someone or having someone else do something nice for you. Therefore, making the neck rigs would tickle me.

All of that is an intro to the three new neck rigs we made. In honor of Walter, I’ve named them our “Tickle Series.”


The Prac-Tickle

IMG_0222The Prac-Tickle neck rig is made of International Orange paracord with contrasting black separator beads and brass clips. Each has a cord lock to adjust the size to individual needs and to act as a quick release in the event that it gets hung on an obstruction while in the woods.

This unit shows some of the items that are typically carried on a neck rig. From left to right, I’ve attached my Maratac flashlight, a Brunton glow in the dark compass, a modified Becker Remora neck knife, an anodized aluminum tube that contains several types of tinder and aq Light My Fire firesteel.

I like to have all of these items with me when I’m hiking, so I keep it in the console of the truck. It’s always available if I find an interesting trail to investigate.


The Tac-Tickle

IMG_0224The Tac-Tickle neck rig is made of black paracord with black separator beads and gunmetal colored clips. It has a cord lock for ease of adjustment and user safety.





The Test-Tickle

IMG_0221The Test-Tickle series is where we develop new ideas and designs. This rig incorporates a three loop design with a decorative center knot. We’ve played with several more ideas and will be posting them from time to time.

Each of the bushcraft neck rigs will be available in our store for $5.00 each. We’re still developing the shopping cart and hope that it will be operational this week, so bear with us.



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